Plain Concrete Screeds

Bullfloat Finishes

Brush finishes is a type of floor finish creating a rough texture appearance which is non-slip and can be used for a variety of  different areas mostly for heavy foot and vehicle traffic such as walkways, driveways , paths and patios. 

Roller finish

The Roller Tamp concrete finish is used to create a rough non-slip surface 

Power float Finish

A common finish for industrial areas, roof screeds and garage flooring finishes is the power float concrete finish. You may opt to apply a colour hardener topping to give a hint of colour to this finish. The final finish is a smooth surface.

Brushed (V Joint, Coloured or Plain)

This type of finish is mainly used for ramps or any other area having groove V joint borders giving a non-slip finish and a simple concrete look.

Decorative Concrete

Stamp Decorative Concrete

Stamped concrete is ideal for refurbishing pathways, patios, pool decks, street pavements and ramps. These systems transforms your outdoor flooring into an attractive surface that replicates the beauty of natural stone and rock. The design of this system is created with rubber mats pressed onto the fresh concrete and has a two tone colour.

Stencil Decorative Concrete

Stencil concrete is also decorative and similar to stamped concrete which is ideal for refurbishing pathways, patios, pool decks, street pavements and ramps. The major difference is the technique of creating the design. This system uses paper stencil rather than rubber mats. The finished product looks just like coloured bricks with a natural grey mortar in between. Other patterns are possible depending on availability.

Artificial Rockwork

If you’re seeking a natural environment for your outdoor area, our artisans can capture your imagination with replicating rockwork features. Zammit concrete offers the manufacture of artificial rockwork ideal for water features, garden walls, pool areas, ponds etc.